32 mm Make a House a Home (MAHAH) Environmental crystal - is a perfect hanging crystal for harmonizing your living space  ( 6 inch hanging ribbon supplied).. Perfect for your office, meditation space, or living room! This Environmental Crystal will amplify the energies in your personal crystal, and harmonize several individuals in a household. In addition it clears negativity from bad feng shui elements. Essential for busy people, healers counselors, doctors, massage therapists, teachers, etc.


32 mm hanging Yin-Yang Healing Crystal . For display, or to hang in your car! Note: This Environmental Crystal will amplify your personal crystal, and is essential for healling applications with your crystal. Perfect for your office, meditation space, or treatment room! 

(Must be purchased with a personal healing crystal)) 


(All sales final as crystal adapts to owner.)








Environmental Crystal Make House a Home


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