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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Do I need to cleanse my crystal?

No, it is permanently programmed.


Should I wear it at night?

It is helpful to wear your crystal for protection at night.


How do I choose the right crystal for me?

You will want to select a crystal with enough energy for your use, but not too much. You can choose from crystals with 8 or 16 layers, and gernerally, the larger the crystal, the more energy it will have.  


 Can my crystal help me with my healing practice?

Capstone Crystals are used by professional healers of all types.


Do you have free consultations?

Yes, if you are enquiring for yourself or a loved one, please do not hesitate to book a consultation, to determine the best crystal for you. 


Do you have a return policy or exchange policy?

The crystals "adapt" to their owners once they are worn. For this reason they cannot be returned, once they are worn.  

What is different about the Environmental Crystals?

The Environmental Crystals are stronger than the personal crystals, and are suited to harmonizing living areas, meditation, and office spaces. 



How long does shipping usually take?

Most Capstone Crystals ship within 10 business days.



How may I contact you?

We'd love to hear from you. Please call 413-230-3204. 


Thank you!



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