Receive a free personalized attunement!


Personalized healing attunements create a vibrational sound that positively impact the recipient and listener. They have the power to raise the vibration of those that listen to its high frequency, maximizing the benefit of your Capstone Crystal.


You will receive a free personalized attunement with your personal Capstone Crystal purchase! Sessions are private, and scheduled individually for your convenience. Each attunement matches your goals and frequency needs. Because it is designed specifically for you at a moment in time, no two sessions are alike.


What people are saying about their personal attunements:


“I feel alive! My whole body is buzzing and my face is hot... when can we do this again?”

“After the song, I feel peaceful and serene.”

“When you sang the songs I felt less contained in my physical body - less material.”

“The songs help me realize my goals, day to day.”

“I feel like my cells are aligning with all that is."

“The reaction I’m getting from clients, now, is amazing…. I am able to give them just what they need! ”


“I really love you. I really love what you do.”


“I have never felt anything to this extent before… my body was shaking.”


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